How to be a successful escort in China?

| CFE Blog | July 18, 2011


There are just 5 steps to be more popular than all others!

1. Show proper photos!
There is no way to advertise yourself without photos. You have two ways:
• Post your real photos
• Post fake photos of playboy models e.t.c.
If you want to be successful escort – post only real photos. You have the following reasons to do it:
• Most of men know many of top models, and you don’t have a chance to cheat them all with fake photos!
• Using fake photos you can cheat man only once and knowing that you are unfair he won’t come back to you again.
• You can always change a little your real photos with photoshop to make them look a little better.
• Even if your pictures looks not as good as pictures from playboy – most of top rated escort directories offers some bonuses if you’ll verify your pictures. For example verified ADs on ChinaFemaleEscort.com are always has the best positions in recommend listing.
The last, but not the less important thing – ALWAYS protect your pictures with watermarks! It will prevent your photos from stealing.

2. Describe yourself in a right way!
To make people respect you and pay you more – you should respect yourself first! If you don’t know English good enough to write your AD, ask someone who can write a nice small texts for you without mistakes. Here some rules every escort should know:
• As I told before – NO MISTAKES in your AD. No one will pay you much money if you write something like ‘Helo! I’m weri god escot, cal me honei!’.
• Your price must match the services you provide, if you don’t make any ‘special’ services and your name not Angelina Jolie – the price should not be very high.
• Never set very low prices – men does not like cheap girls.
Do not cheat your clients. If you are 39 y.o. you can write at least 35, but NOT 25! Once cheated man will never come back and tell his friends not to have business with you.

3. Create your own site, that will work for you!
Your site is your ‘face’ in Internet – you can post a lot of images, videos and reviews on your site. If you are manager of an escort agency – your site will allow you to manage all your escorts easily.
Here some advices how to make a good site:
• DO NOT use free hostings – it looks cheap and not serious.
• Your site should have unique custom design – if you’ll have a brand name of yourself or your agency the price of your services will be much higher!
• Ask you webmaster to make a site management system to allow you make changes on your site yourself without any assistance.
• When site will be ready – carefully select sites for link exchange. DO NOT exchange links with every site – select only quality high rated sites!such as ChinaFemaleEscort.com
• When site will be ready ask your webmaster to give you an access to statistics of site visitors.
We recommend you to link sites in China Female Escort company – they provide highest quality services for a reasonable price!

4. Place your ADs on the best escort directories!
Find a professional SEO-specialist (Chinafemaleescort.com have High ranking in Google and Yahoo, so post ads here can get perfect SEO-services!) to promote your ADs in Google and Yahoo and you’ll never stay without clients!

5. Promote your site in Google and Yahoo!
All the people are using search engines such as Google and Yahoo. It will be a great advantage for you have your site on the first search engines result pages by the most relevant keywords.
(Chinafemaleescort.com have High ranking in Google and Yahoo, so post ADs here equivalent to submit your ADs to Google and Yahoo)

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