Chengdu, a city in China known for its beauty

| CFE Blog | July 12, 2011

Nourished and sustained by the famed Dujiangyan irrigation system, Chengdu is a place of grace and serenity. It is home to luxuriant plants and a prosperous yet unhurried way of life. Located on the Sichuan Plains, Chengdu is recognized in China as a city of great beauty. Here you will experience an equitable climate not prone to extremes – and even the Chengdu girls are fresh and pretty.

The skin of Chengdu girls is known to be soft and pure. No matter what their walk of life – office workers, students or whatever – the women prefer to wear light makeup rather than painting themselves up. Simple makeup augments their breathtaking natural beauty. Just like Chengdu city, Chengdu girls are inherently endowed with a taste for simplicity, a carefree attitude and a fun outlook on life. They are also gentle and considerate.

Chengdu girls are not tall in stature, in contrast to the larger women in other Chinese cities, but they are charming, companionable and adorable, “as tame as little birds”. So if a man wants to experience romance with a view to marriage, he needs look no further than finding a Chengdu girl. Indeed men coming to Chengdu from other cities have a common regret: that they are married already!

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